The Duty Officer has overall responsibility for the security, safety, and management of the site, including the bar, and is responsible for locking up at the end of the day.
He/she should arrive on site 60 minutes before the start of the first race and ensure a full team of bar and race staff are available. He/she should be available to assist the Race Officer in an advisory capacity in relation to course laying, general safety and rescue cover.
Ensure rescue cover starts ASAP and is signalled by the raising of the club flag on the race box pole. Cover should start preferably 1 hour before the first race and ends when all boats have finished the last race. It may be extended at the Duty Officers discretion.

The Race Officer together with the Assistants is in sole charge of racing throughout the day. If in doubt about how to conduct a rescue or drive a rescue boat, please attend one of the Club’s Power-boat Courses.
The Race Officer should arrive at the club at least 60 minutes before the first race. After consulting the Duty Officer, a decision made on the course and starting line (committee boat or exceptionally, race box), and the necessary preparations made.
A comprehensive guide to race management is provided by the “Race Officers Manual”, copies located in the Race Officer’s Box, the Committee Boat, and the Club House (under the signing on sheets).
Remember – members’ enjoyment of racing depends on the ability of the Race Staff to set good (simple!) courses, and to manage the racing effectively.
At least one rescue boat should be on the water and ready for use on all racing days. When rescue cover ends ensure no unsupervised juniors are afloat. This shall be signalled by one long hoot (approx 4 sec) and a lowering of the club flag from the race box flagpole.
In the event of a protest being lodged, the Race Officer should organise a Protest Committee, of which the Race Officer may be one member. The Race Officer may not refuse a protest.
It is the responsibility of the Race Officer and Assistants to dock the rescue boats and Committee boat(s), return all equipment to the office or other designated place, fit boat covers, and leave the Race Officers Box and all craft locked and secure and in a tidy condition.