We are in the privileged position at Middle Nene of being within an area considered to be of Special Scientific Interest, particularly in regard to the wildfowl and birds that use our lake, many of which are protected species.
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) are overseen and in practical terms administered by English Nature. To try and put a complex situation in a nutshell we are bound to care for the natural environment so as not to cause harm to it or the wildlife within it, and in a best practice scenario we should be improving the natural sustainability for wildlife.
To this end we are permitted in a legal sense to carry out certain activities, these were negotiated between the club and English Nature when the Nene Valley was declared an SSSI, and are formally called 'Consented activities' As so many committee staff and club members have changed over the last few years, It seemed appropriate to publish the Consented Activities so that we can all be aware of them. All of our land is an SSSI except the area of the Clubhouse, Workshops and Boat parks which are NOT included in these regulations. They should however be governed by our own common sense.


In very basic terms, if it isn't on the list, we can't do it, we hope this helps with your understanding of our duty of care for the environment, and the future planning of club activities.

Mike Moore